Hi there… I thought maybe you’d like to know a little bit more about me. So I’ve answered several questions I’m often asked.



What does a wedding planner do? Do you really carry a clipboard and have a headset?


A wedding planner is your point person. They know how your wedding day is supposed to unfold and make sure that it all happens! My job is to work with you from the start of your planning to the end of your wedding day to make sure everything runs smoothly. Yes, I am often seen running around with a clipboard and a stack of papers. No, I don’t use a headset-those are left for the movies!


There is a complete list of my services here.



What is a day-of coordinator?


This is an outdated idea that I would not feel comfortable endorsing. Arriving to a wedding on the morning of with no involvement in the planning is a recipe for disaster!

Often, couples only require a coordinator for the final stages of their planning. For this, the term “month-of coordinator”  has become an industry standard, allowing a planner to work with the couple in 4-6 week period leading up to the wedding. By doing this I get a better sense of your "big picture" and can support you through the final details with an experienced eye.



Tell us a little bit about yourself. What inspired you to become a wedding planner?


Growing up with a dramatic arts background, I went on to earn an honours diploma in Theatre Production. During that experience I consider myself incredibly fortunate to find that it was not the path I wanted my professional career to follow. With a lifelong creative drive and love for set design I began to develop my knowledge of the wedding industry with the goal of one day combining my skills with my passion!



Tell us about more about that? The wedding industry seems quite varied. Was it only planning and design you were interested in?


My first dip into the industry was selling off-rack wedding dresses at an outlet store as my weekend part time job! I truly enjoyed seeing the looks on brides faces as they fell in love with their dresses and prepared for one of the happiest days of their lives! I really mean this! In fact, I continue to volunteer with "The Brides Project" a non-profit organization that resells donated gowns to support local cancer charities and support initiatives.

Where I once sold mens suits and convertible bridesmaid dresses, today I am an accredited WPIC (wedding planning certification) planner, working with top industry professionals and learning more each day from more than 40 years of their combined experiences. I began my adventure by assisting several other planners on numerous weddings, photoshoots and other local events. Today, I’m very grateful to take the lead on your special day and help to take away the stress of last minute details, schedules and timelines. I do this so that together you can both remember the most important parts of this very special day.



How has this diverse experience proven useful in your role as a Wedding Planner?


The wedding industry is one that juggles a fine balance of tradition and current trends. Networking with professionals, both established and upcoming in  the industry allows me to better determine the right balance for your celebration. My longstanding, trusted relationships with service & vendors allow for peace of mind in knowing that everything goes smooth from your morning's first look until you gaze into each other's eyes for that first dance.



Some brides can get really stressed (crazy, or...other) before their wedding!  How do you deal with that?


First lets remember it's not just brides I deal with... I'm happy to work with and for both parties equally, bride, groom, or whatever combination of the two! My experience has also shown the groom's can get just as...stressed (just ask MY husband about OUR day sometime!)

Taking part in a  wedding is a tremendous amount of work for everyone involved and planning a wedding can be a stressful experience. Sometimes, there is more work than a couple anticipated or the unexpected happens. Part of my role is to alleviate some of those burdens so that you as a couple are able to spend the weeks leading up to their wedding worry-free.  If my job is done right, crazy doesn't get an invite to the event!



What are some of your preferred wedding venues?


I love a unique location. I enjoy the challenge of working in  spaces that aren’t conventional wedding venues: including coffee shops, bookstores, tattoo parlours, and campgrounds. I get to put my set designer hat on and help the couple turn that space into A stage for their wedding.



Why should we hire A Certified Wedding Planner?


A certified wedding planner has devoted the time, training and resources to obtain industry certification in order to provide couples with a professional, tailored experience from start to finish. This is not a hobby, this is our passion.

Certified planners are accountable to and follow the Code of Ethics as outlined below to ensure we conduct ourselves fairly and to the highest level of standard.

Failure to adhere to the WPIC Code of Ethics can result in removal of accredited certification.


WPIC Code of Ethics:

We do not accept kickbacks (money for referrals) from vendors. Vendors must know that the clients are the recipients of any discounts given.

We treat each client fairly, and we will be honest and upfront in the representation of our clients.

We uphold our ethics. We will not take or attempt to take clients from, or discredit, other vendors with gossip or slander.

Every client will receive a detailed contract for Wedding Day Direction, Destination or Full Wedding Coordination services.

We will provide all services agreed upon in the contract that must be signed by both the client and Coordinator at the commencement of service.

We believe in continuous education, networking and training within the Wedding Industry.

Our pricing is upfront and industry comparable.

We will make every effort to return calls and emails in a timely manner. (Within 48 hrs.)

We always endeavour to benefit our client and not ourselves. Vendors are suggested on merit, in the best interests of the client, not ourselves or the vendor suggested.

We can not guarantee your wedding will be perfect, but we can guarantee we will do everything within our power to make sure it is as close to perfection as it can be.



Why is this all important?


This sets the standard of quality and professionalism that you as a couple will receive from a certified planner such as myself

With Love,





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